Chinese Medicine
Herbal Remedies
Conditions Helped
M.D. versus L.Ac.


1. Chronic Arthritis; • 2. Depression & Anxiety; • 3. Asthma; • 4. Rash, Smoker; • 5. No Energy, AIDS, Epstein-Barr; • 6. High Blood Pressure, Dizzy; • 7. Chronic Prostatitis and Urethritis; • 8. Cold; • 9. Estrogen-Replacement Therapy; • 10. Ear and Sinus Infections, Learning Disabilities; • 11. Chemotherapy

1. Chronic Arthritis

"I fell off a roof and was unable to walk without severe pain. I was told I would have chronic arthritis for the rest of my life and never return to my occupation as a roofer. After the third visit I experienced whole days without pain for the first time in six months. By the fifth visit I walked normally, without discomfort, and within a few weeks I returned to work."
Male, age 36

2. Depression & Anxiety

"I was on a seesaw of anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs for years until I began acupuncture to stabilize my dosage levels. It occurred to me that maybe I could use acupuncture to get off drugs altogether. I got three treatments a week for five months and I'm now free of two very addictive medicines, both of which were prescribed by psychiatrists. I'm relieved to feel back in control of my life again."
Female, age 35

3. Asthma

"Since my childhood I'd been dependent on inhalers and anti-asthma medicines. Along with acupuncture treatments for six months, I eliminated spicy and cold foods from my diet. Now I can play basketball without needing bronchodilators and I only take medicine occasionally if I get a bad case of hayfever."
Male, age 33

4. Rash, Smoker

"My rash was red and itchy all over both legs. In the night I'd scratch and drive myself mad. I tried regular doctors and homeopathy - I tried everything. After six visits it was pretty much clear. Then I tried to quit smoking. It's been a year-and-a-half since my last treatment and the rash hasn't come back, and I haven't smoked either."
Female, age 22

5. No Energy, AIDS, Epstein-Barr

"For three years I had no energy, no stamina. I had been diagnosed as having both the AIDS and Epstein-Barr viruses. With walking I got short of breath and felt pain in my chest. In the beginning, acupuncture made me feel spaced out and tired. After two months I felt more energetic, my digestion improved, and I wasn't short of breath. After eight months of treatment combined with herbal tonics daily, I regained my strength and returned to work and a more normal life-style. It's been six months since my last treatment but I won't hesitate to rely on acupuncture if I start feeling sick again."
Male, age 31

6. High Blood Pressure, Dizzy

"For months my blood pressure was so high that I was dizzy all the time and couldn't stand up. I was frightened because it was barely under control with medication. Within 48 hours after one of my acupuncture treatments, the pressure dropped so low that my doctor had to take me off medication. It remained normal and I can walk around now without feeling dizzy."
Female, age 88

7. Chronic Prostatitis and Urethritis

"I had been diagnosed as having chronic prostatitis and urethritis which antibiotics hadn't helped long-term. After ten acupuncture treatments my difficult urination and painful ejaculations disappeared."
Male, age 51

8. Cold

"The sniffles, scratchy throat, and headache that I expected would blossom into a full-fledged cold never did. Herbs cleared me right up."
Male, age 28

9. Estrogen-Replacement Therapy

"I stopped estrogen-replacement therapy because of the side-effects - bruising and water retention - but I was desperate for help with my irritable mood swings and hot flashes. Acupuncture plus herbs helped me tremendously. Now, three months later, I feel fantastic - much better than I did on estrogen."
Female, age 56

10. Ear and Sinus Infections, Learning Disabilities

"Tommy missed a lot of school due to perpetual ear and sinus infections. Changes in his diet along with acupuncture and herbs has made him more resilient than his friends, and his learning disabilities also faded away."
Male, age 7

11. Chemotherapy

"As a result of chemotherapy, I suffered mild heart failure and kidney shut-down, preventing me from qualifying for another series of chemo treatments. Three weeks after I began acupuncture and herbal therapy, I stopped being short of breath and my kidney function labs improved dramatically. My oncologists were very impressed."
Female, age 34

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