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Office yoga

These simple, yet effective exercises are designed to be performed in the office and if done daily will help stretch and strengthen your lower back. Read through all instructions before beginning an exercise. Breathe normally and don’t bounce.


WHAT Seated Forward Bend
HOW Drop your arms and upper body toward the ground like a rag doll. Breathe in deeply and relax completely on the exhale. Return to sitting position by slowly walking hands up legs.


WHAT Seated Back Bend
HOW Sit near the edge of the chair. Hold the sides of the seat. Gently stretch up and forward. Open your chest and tilt your head back. Relax and breathe into the stretch.


WHAT Seated Spinal Twist
HOW While sitting, cross your left leg over your right. Place your right hand or elbow on the crossed knee. Gently turn your body to the left and look behind you. Switch legs and twist the other way.


WHAT Doorway Stretch
HOW Place both hands on the doorjambs at shoulder height, feet hip-width apart. Gently let your body stretch forward. Relax your head and breathe.


WHAT Standing Forward Bend
HOW Take a deep breath. Arms straight up and stretch. Exhale, bend knees, and drop hands to ground. Relax your head and shoulders and take deep full-body breaths. Let everything sag toward the ground while still bent over. Return to standing position by slowly walking hands up legs.

Office Yoga, by Darrin Zeer.