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Why do patients go to Dr. Lee?

Help with the diagnosis and treatment of a difficult medical problem is one reason. People choose Dr. Lee because of his reputation for thoroughness and expertise in soft-tissue dysfunction. In fact, a high percentage of patients that come to see Dr. Lee already have a chiropractor and are quite happy with their treatment.

Why is it useful to have a doctor with an extensive knowledge of soft-tissue dysfunction?

Dr. Lee: "As an example, let's say a new patient came into my office with numbness and/or tingling in the hands, over 50 and with a neck that is occasionally painful or stiff. Most chiropractors would suggest, 'a disorder of the nerves and bones in the neck.' Or, 'cervical disc problem.' Or, 'you have a pinched nerve.' A knowledge of soft-tissue dysfunction would be useful, because, in this very common situation, the numbness and/or tingling in the hands and a neck that is occasionally painful or stiff can very easily be soft-tissue in origin. It may not be a disorder of the nerves and bones in the neck. It may not be a cervical disc problem. Or a pinched nerve. It might originate in the soft-tissues in the neck, or around the shoulder blade, or even in the lower back! [See, Treatments]. This is the main reason why patients, who have been seeing another chiropractor for years with less than optimum results, get better when they come here after only a few visits."

If I get a massage, will my bones go back into place?

Dr Lee: “I used to hear massage therapists say, if you relax the muscles, the bones will pop back into place. I also used to hear chiropractors say, if you pop the bones back into place, the muscles will relax. All I know is when I relax the muscles, I still have to adjust the spine. And [or] when I adjust the spine, I still have to relax the muscle. The two systems are separate and need to be treated as separate. And working them both in the same session seems to have the most effect. It only takes around two minutes to adjust the spine. So I spend most of the session working the muscles.”

My last chiropractor was in and out in around two minutes. Why does Dr. Lee take around thirty minutes?

Dr. Lee: "It takes only around two minutes to adjust the spine. Which is why a typical chiropractic visit is only around two minutes face-to-face time. I run long [i.e.,  on average around twenty-five minutes of total face-to-face time] because I spend most of our time working the soft tissues."

Can Dr. Lee cure my lower back pain?

Dr. Lee: "I don't cure anything. Well-being is natural. Illness is just a manifestation brought about by resistance to your own well-being." Dr. Lee's philosophy to is to help restore the way your body works, by kick-starting your own body's natural healing ability. If he can help you to lower your resistance to your own well-being - your body can heal itself.

Will rest cure my lower back pain?

Dr. Lee: "Yes, all things resolve when you let them. Well-being is natural. In a perfect world, your body heals perfectly. But when lower back pain that should only last three to five days is still there a few weeks later, you're not living the perfect world scenario. You just have a little resistance to the well-being that should be there naturally."

My last chiropractor said I'll need to come in seven days a week for around a year.

We've heard that before. The number of visits obviously will vary with each patient and their individual health goals. However, in the past, patients told they [literally] would need 365 consecutive visits usually get better in around one to five visits. Relax... it's probably not that bad.