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Real Testimonials from Real Patients

“... Great mojo...”

“... I was going to another chiropractor just down the street. He was treating me for what he said was nerve damage and that I needed to come in every day for around a year and that if I didn't, my nerves would probably die. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Lee. After around three visits, the pain was totally gone. I've since referred all my friends...”

“... I've had eleven surgeries. I would not be able to sleep at all or bear the pain of those surgeries were it not for Dr. Lee. I drive thirty miles and pass by hundreds of chiropractic offices because he knows what he's doing and how to do it. I have been happy to recommend Dr. Lee to all my friends...”

“... Caring. Comforting. Simply the best. Wish I could see him daily!”

“... I have MS [multiple sclerosis]. My pain is usually on the edge of unbearable. After being treated [by Dr. Lee], I am good for around three days..."

“... Sometimes, when he's pressing on the most painful spots in my body, I think, ‘why do I keep coming here?’ But then when he's done, my neck pain, which is usually constant - 24/7 - is totally 100% gone...”

“... Dr. Lee's intuitive capacity combined with excellent & well researched technical skill work so quickly. I have rarely needed one repeat visit for any acute pain [I came in with]. He's the best!”

“... Getting treated by Dr. Lee is like a ride at Disneyland... You get moved this way, that way, this way. He pushes here and there. You breathe to get through the pain. And afterward, you feel exhausted - but you want to go again...”

“... I've had some joint problems and I am careful as to whom I let work on me. Dr. Lee is calm, focused, thorough and very knowledgeable. Great hands!”

“... Even though I always feel like I'm asking too many questions, he always takes the time to clearly and thoroughly explain them...”

“... What I like about Dr. Lee is that, unlike other chiropractors I've been to, he doesn't do an exam and then scare you and then tell you to come in three times a week for a year. I hate that. Like at Jiffy Lube where you go in for an oil change but then they scare you into buying more stuff. Dr. Lee truly wants you to get better and educates you so that you can help yourself in the long run. He actually tries to see you less. I felt comfortable enough to send in my sister and then, eventually, my mother who doesn't even speak any English!"

“... Fabulous, gentle, thorough. Ultimately the best!” 

“... Other chiropractors that I've been to have been of the more-sessions-is-better school of thinking. Dr. Lee is opposite. He sees me for around 1/3 the number of visits, but spends more time explaining what I need to know about my pain, and encouraging me to become more active and to work out...”

“... I found Dr. Lee around five years ago. At that time I had seen around three chiropractors, two physical therapists, orthos, and acupuncturists. I have had many car accidents and at that time I had severely debilitating constant neck pain and headaches. After a few visits my neck pain went from around a ten out of ten to a one out of ten. I tell everyone I know about him. If they don't call to make an appointment, I'll call for them. Sometimes I drive them in...”

“... I am a local chiropractor. I was suffering from severe headaches at night for approximately one year. After receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Lee the headaches improved considerably. Even though I'm around a lot of chiropractors I'll only let Dr. Lee adjust my neck...”

“... I found Dr. Lee around six months ago. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone suffering from back pain, headaches, stress or tension - he has treated me for all of these and provided me with tremendous relief...”

“... I was hit by a taxi when I was eighteen. I can't tell you how many chiropractors, orthos and acupuncturists I have seen in the last fifteen years. But none of them helped. Dr. Lee actually gets rid of my pain...”