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Real Testimonials from Real Patients

"Nicky has completely changed my life. I came to her a year ago with debilitating migraines and high anxiety. She has calmed me, centered me, and most importantly helped me overcome my daily migraines. She listens and understands my needs and gets to the root of my problems. She has transformed me through herbs and acupuncture. I have seen many doctors but none have helped me overcome my migraines the way that Nicky has helped me. She is truly my saving grace!" - NG

"I've been benefitting from acupuncture for over 12 years and have experienced many different acupuncturist's styles - but Nicky's Japanese treatment style was brand new for me. On my first session with her, she found my pain spots and showed me how a totally different lace on my body completely let it go. I feel in control of my own healing when I work with her because she always takes the time to explain to me why my body works the way it does, and hat I can do the help it. She does not want me to become addicted or dependent on her for my own healing - but rather, to aid me in healing myself. That, combined with her lovely personality + lack of judgment make me continue to work with her. I feel healthy + calm + wonderful after each treatment and the benefits of her treatments are long lasting! - SG

"2001 - my husband died. Dr. Erik Lee recommended that I see Nicky Corbett. I did. And I still do. Nicky not only treated my anxiety and depression, she listened, held my hand and cried with me for 2 years. Besides her expertise in Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Reiki, her desire to heal is her biggest asset. She accepts every health issue I set before her as a challenge, and makes it her business to find out how to fix it. From depression, anxiety, tension, stress, allergies, kidney stones, back pain, gastrointestinal issues, foot pain (yikes, I'm a mess!), etc. Nicky is much more than a health care provider. She is a healer. She is a friend. I am blessed to be her patient. I am honored to be her friend." - PN

"I have been receiving acupuncture from Nicole Corbett for the last two years. She has treated me specifically for panic attacks/anxiety, neck and shoulder trauma, severe allergies/sinus issues as well as for colds, headaches, cramps and any other discomfort life throws at me. I can honestly report that I have always felt much better after a session and I have seen vast improvement and relief in all the areas she has worked on. Nicole is intuitive, loving, wise and extremely supportive, knowledgeable and accommodating. All my co-workers go to Nicky for treatment, I have sent my partner and referred many, many [yoga] students to her. She creates a safe, healing space and it is soothing simply to sit in her office and talk! I am very grateful to have found a healer like Nicky." - BF

"I have been seeing Nicky Corbett for the last few years. I am a 67-year-old woman who, when I began treatment, had recurrent asthmatic episodes, insomnia, high cholesterol, aches and pains and more. Treatment has been a terrific help. My cholesterol is managed, I am off all allergy, asthma medications with no episodes for about a year. I feel wonderfully relaxed meditating on Nicky's table, and am much healthier with her encouragement and support. I recommend her to all. It is a true blessing to have Nicky's help navigating a stressful world." - CP

"I've just returned from another session with Nicky Corbett. I started seeing her for my allergies/chronic sinus infections leading to bronchitis eighteen months ago when I'd reached the end of my rope with Western Medicine. I was fed up with daily medications, serious antibiotics, steroids and still being sick. Since that time, I can't recall being healthier! I now visit her for monthly 'tune-ups'. Yes, I still have allergies but my symptoms are so slight, I'm usually able to manage them with the herbs Nicky deftly prescribes. And during the actual treatments, I'm so relaxed, it's a wonderful break from my routine!" - M

"Nicky and I have endured through alot of chemo. Thank God and 'Bruno' for her. Her capacity is infinite... her healing of my various chemo side effects has worked great for me. Because of her knowledge of needles and herbs I am in very good health. She's compassionate and a good listener. She takes care of me. Thanks Nick." - ED