Riverside Health Center

 In 1998, Riverside Health Center opened in Toluca Lake, California. Riverside Health Center was conceived as a multi-specialty health center providing alternative health care offering  chiropractic, acupuncture, Pilates, and massage. Since then, we've gone through many changes, however we still use a team approach to medicine, in which specialists from many different areas consult together for the benefit of the patient.


Our Mission

 Our mission is  eightfold: we'll honor your goals; we're here to help,   whether you want relief or wellness; we'll respect your time and make your visits faster, efficient and effective; we'll protect your privacy by keeping your personal information confidential; we'll answer your questions and explain our examination findings; we'll offer choices and refer to other specialists as needed; we'll encourage participation and show you ways to get well faster; we'll offer clinical excellence with the latest safe and natural alternative care; and, most importantly, we'll offer hope, because with a revived immune system ... anything ... is possible. 


Real Testimonials from Real Patients


"Comfortable environment. Great results."

"Not your typical chiropractic / acupuncture office. Very, very relaxing. Very feng shui. No hard sell."

"The staff is courteous and professional and they have the best magazines (so come early for your appointment!)."